Newsagent / Convenience Store Cleaning Belfast

Small shop Cleaning

Entrance & Welcome Area

Includes Clean floors, mars, windows and fixtures

We believe if we draw the eyes of your customers then 35% of convenience store customers will come inside

Floors, Hardware, Shelves & Display Cases

Keep the floors swept and the shelves dusted. Clean light fixtures and window sills daily, mop each night & day and don’t overlook these details.

Food & Beverage Service Stations

We believe food options account for over 20% of the industries total sale. DON’T make your customers lose their appetite!

Meet the customers expectations. We clean and sanitise your food and beverage stations several times each shift.

Checkout Counters & Points of Sale

The checkout counter is one of the busiest areas in your store, so they need constant upkeep. Not only do they easily get dishevelled and need tidying but with so many interactions there, it needs cleaning and frequent sanitising.

Keep plenty of clean micro cloths under the counter for quick wipe downs of counter surfaces to ensure customer and employee health and safety.


Industry studies report that more than 70% of customers believe dirty restrooms indicate a badly managed business.

This is how important clean bathrooms are to your shop. Our cleaning duties include clean sinks, polishing mirrors and fixtures, mopping, scrubbing, Sanitising and disinfecting doors, floors, walls, toilets, cabinets and back splashes.